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2022 The 4th Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition

2022 The 4th Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition

From August 26th to 28th, 2022, Qingdao Antai Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in the 4th Qingdao International 2022 co-sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation, Shandong Foundry Association, China (International) Robot and High-end Equipment Industry Alliance and other units Industrial Expo and the 4th Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition in 2022.

Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals
This exhibition responded to the call of the "2022 Carbon Neutral Action Initiative" proposed by the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. The products displayed were based on the "dual carbon" industry, integrated new resources in the industry, and displayed products focused on digitization, intelligence and green. to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Antai Heavy Industry mainly produces shot blasting cleaning equipment and environmental protection dust removal equipment, and adheres to the design concept of intelligent manufacturing, green development, environmental protection and low carbon, and has developed a series of new surface cleaning equipment.

One of the exhibitions: QAT15GN steel crawler shot blasting machine, which can be used to clean castings, forgings and welded parts that are easy to roll and fall and not easily broken, and remove the sticky sand and oxide skin on the surface of the workpiece. This product has a novel design, a small footprint, and reduces the overall height of the equipment to 5.6 meters. It is convenient for maintenance, disassembly and assembly, and is convenient for export packing.

★Torsion-resistant, high-rigidity body shell.
★Reasonable chain drive system and geometric motion principle ensure that the sturdy and overlapping track shoes are always connected smoothly.
★High-quality cast links, precision machined and hardened.
★Hardened and ground chain pins with minimum tolerance clearance after long-term load operation.
★The specially designed magnetic separation system ensures the separation effect of pellets and sand.
★Advanced man-machine environment, real-time monitoring and easy maintenance. The low-altitude design of the equipment is convenient for installation and maintenance.
In the future, the company will also continue to help achieve the industrial "dual carbon" goal, and sell various types of environmentally friendly and innovative equipment at home and abroad.

The exhibition area of this exhibition is 30,000 square meters, attracting 467 industry leaders at home and abroad to participate. The site focuses on the expansion and extension of various industrial chains, supply chains, and terminal applications such as foundry, which further promotes the in-depth integration of multiple formats.

Antai Heavy Industry plans to further improve the industrial chain supply of surface cleaning and foundry industries, upgrade product lines, and provide customers with a more refined, comprehensive and convenient supply of equipment and parts.


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