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The 25th Russia International Metallurgical Foundry Steel and Pipeline Exhibition

The 25th Russia International Metallurgical Foundry Steel and Pipeline Exhibition

Exhibition time: November 12-15, 2019
Venue: Russian All-Russian Exhibition Center
Organizer: Russian Metal Exhibition Company

[Introduction to Exhibition and Market Trade Information]
     In 2019, the 25th Russian International Metallurgical Foundry Steel and Pipeline Exhibition will be held at the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow from November 12-15. The exhibition is one of the world's leading metallurgical exhibitions. It has become the largest metallurgical steel industry exhibition in Russia. It is held once a year and is hosted by the Russian Metal Exhibition Company. The exhibition includes two parts, “metallurgical exhibition” and “non-ferrous metal exhibition”. Since 2018, it has expanded to all related industries such as metal smelting, mining and related raw material addition and auxiliary, metallurgical casting, castings, pipe wire, metal processing and so on. In 2019, the 11th international exhibition for steel products & structures for construction MetallStroyForum' 2019 and the exhibition for equipment & technologies for steel industry & metalworking Metallurg Mash' 2019 were held. So in 2019 it will be expanded to a total of 22 exhibition themes. The exhibition was awarded by the Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Technology, the Russian Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the All-Russian Exhibition Center, the Russian Metal and Steel Traders Association, the International Fair (UFI), the Russian Metal Exporters Federation, and the International Metals Federation. Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic Sea National Exhibition Federation, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other units of strong support.


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