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Application of high manganese rolled steel plate in shot blasting equipment

Application of high manganese rolled steel plate in shot blasting equipment
1. The side walls and ceiling guards of the track shot blasting drum
     Before transformation: the inner wall guard plate of the track shot blasting drum adopts special cast iron guard plate. The guard plate is fixed by bolt connection. To increase the durability, the cast iron nut is used in the interior of the cleaning room. Due to the strong impact of the workpiece on the work plate, the nut The fixing is unreliable, the guard plate often falls off, breaks or causes the abnormal operation of the track, which affects the production efficiency. The maintenance workload is also very large, and the maintenance cost is also high.
     After transformation: The side wall guard plate is made of rolled high manganese steel guard plate, which is integrally produced and installed, and is fixed on the base plate with bolt connection; the anti-deformation ribs are added on the back of the guard plate on the side of the projection direction, reducing the overall guard plate Deformation. After the renovation, the side wall shield has been used for 4 years. The two-shift working system has calculated that around 20 000 h, the fault shutdown is basically zero, and the degree of protection is greatly improved. The roof has a life of about 5 years because it is not directly hit by steel shots. A lot of maintenance funds can be saved every year.
2. Spreader of hook type shot blasting machine
     Before transformation: the original spreader is made of Q235 round steel, each hook can hang 4 parts for shot blasting, and the production efficiency cannot meet the requirements; in addition, due to the inappropriate selection of spreader materials, the use time is often around a month. It is necessary to make spare spreaders as spare parts, which takes up a lot of capital.
     After transformation: rolling high-manganese steel plate is used as the hook material, the whole is welded structure, the center of the spreader adopts cross-reinforcement structure, the outer circle is rolled by 16 mm thick high-manganese steel plate, and 6 high-manganese steel plates are evenly distributed on the circumference Cut hooks can be replaced according to different castings. The production efficiency is increased by 50%, and the service life is more than 3 years. According to the calculation of the two-shift work system, the life expectancy is around 15 000 h. During the use process, it was found that the rotation angle of the cut hook was restricted to a certain extent, which affected the shot blasting effect. After consulting with the steel supplier, it was decided to use φ30 high manganese steel rod for the subsequent spreader to make the effect better.


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