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News: ATHI entered erui.com, and the two parties reached a strategic cooperation on digital overseas and overseas localization empowerment.

On May 17, the delegation of Qingdao Aetna Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. visited the Qingdao headquarters of ehewon international e-commerce Co., Ltd. the two sides had a discussion on Antai heavy industry's entry into ehewon and comprehensive overseas market strategic cooperation, and held the signing ceremony of member strategic cooperation agreement. It is reported that Liu Yantao, deputy general manager of Antai heavy industry, Liu Xiaoxian, Minister of export, Cui Yuyu, Minister of international trade, and other representatives attended the discussion and signing ceremony. Mr.Hao Chong, director of operation of ERUI network, Han Mei, director of Ka, and Kong Xiangshun, director of R & D, attended the reception.

During the discussion, ATHI Deputy General Manager Liu Yantao spoke highly of EHEWON's operation model, and said that ATHI, as a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized, special, and new demonstration enterprise in Shandong Province, actively practices the national "digital economy" and "going out". "Strategic guiding ideology, establish and build an international trade team, actively expand overseas market channels through third-party digital platforms, and products have been sold to Australia, Mexico, Chile, Morocco, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Ukraine, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. 30 several countries.

Based on ATHI's years of experience, we believe that the biggest difficulties and pain points for Chinese traditional industrial manufacturing enterprises in the process of going overseas are the difficulty of acquiring customers and the difficulty of localized services. EHEWON information services and overseas localization enabling services provide ATHI with a complete solution, added Liu Xiaoxian, director of ATHI's export department.


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