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Core Shooter Machine

  • Hot Box Vertical Parting Core Shooter Machine
  • Hot Box Vertical Parting Core Shooter Machine
  • Hot Box Vertical Parting Core Shooter Machine
Hot Box Vertical Parting Core Shooter MachineHot Box Vertical Parting Core Shooter MachineHot Box Vertical Parting Core Shooter Machine

Hot Box Vertical Parting Core Shooter Machine

  • Model】:Shell Core Shooting Machine
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  • Characteristics】:Hot-Box-Vertical-Parting-Core-Shooter-Machine

AT94R series vertical parting hot box sand core shooter machine adopts coated sand as raw material, USES hot core box production process to make sand core,  vertical parting, fixed frame in the middle and can be installed in double mode, open and close mould in right and left together, equivalent to dual fixed frames,  shooting two sets of mould at a time. The mould mounting dimension is adjustable within a certain range, and adapts to large scale mould. It adopts imported PLC (programmable controller), digital touch screen high-end electronic products, such as high automation, adjustable die temperature digital display, equipped with mold cleaning and coating device, the machine is equipped with pneumatic sand machine, automatically and easily feeds sand. The machine is easy to operate, high automation and high yield in the sand core. It is widely used for the high volume production of small and medium sized castings with high quality and complex appearance.

Technical Parameter:

Performance and Characteristics

1. Suitable for producing sand core or moulding sand by heating phenolic resin sand coated sand through electricity or steam.high rigidity and precision, finish good.

2. PLC program control, LCD screen parameter setting, process display, fault diagnosis, manual/automatic/point operation, automatic digital display temperature control.

3. High frequency quenching hard chromium guide rail with high precision and long service life, the mold can be multi-directional, sealing automatic door to improve the operating environment.

4. All movement and core shooting is air operated or driven by pneumatic or hydraulic together.

5. 2-6 opening mould model with vertical parting, AT94LS double opening mould, double working station(installing two moulds to make sand cores at the same time), convenient sand core making and mould lifting, improve productivity.

6. Precise guiding device of sand shooting tank, high precision and accurate Positioning.

7. Feed new sand through pneumatic conveying system.

AT94R series vertical parting hot box sand core machine is composed of bed parts, mould parts, sand parts and beam parts, pneumatic parts and control parts. AT94R series vertical parting hot box sand core adopts four posts frame type structure, two guide shaft structure on both sides of moving mould plates with enough rigidity and strength, stable operation, high precision to ensure the stability of the various parts work.

1. The bed parts include column, which is the main part to support beam.

2. Column components: composed of column, beam, sand supply system,

3. compaction device, guide rail, gas storage package, etc. The sand and gas supply system that makes up the core process;

4. The shooting device consists of ejection plate, shooting head, sand tank, box, roller, bracket and other parts. Complete the process of shooting sand, making sand core and other processes;

5. Mold frame parts are composed of template bracket, joint mode cylinder, sand core push-out core device, guide column, guide sleeve, etc. It is the key component that embodies the core quality and completes the core work.

6. Base parts: the base is equipped with a pneumatic system solenoid valve, and the electric control box is installed in front of the base to realize various functions.

7. Machine base and beam are welded with steel plate with sufficient strength and rigidity. The fuselage of the machine is treated by destressing with reliable stability.

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